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Kurt Dove

Hometown:        Fairfax, Virginia

Current Residence:  Del Rio, Texas   


Height:                 6' 1"

Weight:               225 lbs

Date of Birth:     September 7, 1972

Family:               Rhonda Dove (Wife)

Dog:        Chips

Education:          B.S. George Mason University

Certification:      United States Coast Guard Licensed - Captain

When not Fishing:  Basketball, Exercise, Golf, Travel, spending time with
                                        Family and Friends.                                             

Years Pro:       15

Career Earnings:

Current World Rank: 169

Favorite Lake:  "Lake Amistad" - Catch 'em every day nearly anyway you want!

Least Favorite Lake: "None I've been to yet - I like the challenge of them all."

Favorite Technique: Topwater!

Fishing Strength:   Working plastics in heavy vegetation.

Fishing Weakness:  "I can't get enough of it!"

Favorite Food:         Buffalo Wings (Mild)

Favorite Music:        "I listen to it all; County, Rock, Rap -whatever."




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